If you’re looking to add some visual interest to your video projects, Ken Burns might just be the solution you need. This technique, named after the famous documentary filmmaker, involves panning and zooming across still images to create a sense of motion and depth. And the good news is, it’s easy to achieve in Final Cut Pro. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps to use Ken Burns in your own projects and take your videos to the next level.

What is the process for using Ken Burns in Final Cut Pro?

1. Open Final Cut Pro on your computer.
2. Create a new project or open an existing one.
3. Import the video clip you want to apply the Ken Burns effect to.
4. Drag the video clip to the timeline.
5. Select the clip in the timeline by clicking on it.
6. Click on the “Crop” button in the toolbar above the viewer window.
7. In the Crop menu, select “Ken Burns”.
8. A new window will appear with two rectangles, one for the start of the effect and one for the end.
9. Adjust the rectangles to the desired size and position for the start and end of the effect.
10. You can also adjust the duration of the effect by dragging the handles on the rectangles.
11. Preview the effect by clicking on the “Play” button in the viewer window.
12. Once you are satisfied with the effect, click “Done” to apply it to the clip.
13. You can further adjust the effect by selecting the clip and clicking on the “Crop” button again.
14. To remove the effect, select the clip and click on the “Crop” button, then select “None” in the Crop menu.


Ken Burns is an amazing feature in Final Cut Pro that allows you to add a touch of professionalism to your videos. With Ken Burns, you can create stunning and dynamic effects that will captivate your audience. Whether you want to zoom in on a particular subject or pan across a landscape, Ken Burns makes it easy to achieve the perfect shot. With just a few clicks, you can add motion and depth to your videos, making them more engaging and visually appealing. So, if you want to take your video editing skills to the next level, be sure to try out Ken Burns in Final Cut Pro!

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