Are you tired of hearing unwanted background noise in your video projects? Whether it’s wind, traffic, or other distractions, unwanted noise can be a major headache for video editors. Fortunately, Adobe Premiere offers a variety of tools and techniques to help reduce noise and improve the overall quality of your audio. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best ways to reduce noise in Adobe Premiere, so you can create videos that sound as good as they look.

What are the steps to reduce noise in Adobe Premiere?

1. Open Adobe Premiere Pro on your computer.
2. Import the video clip that you want to reduce noise from.
3. Drag the video clip to the timeline.
4. Select the clip on the timeline and go to the “Effects” panel.
5. Search for the “Noise Reduction” effect and drag it onto the clip.
6. In the “Effect Controls” panel, adjust the “Reduce Noise” slider to your desired level.
7. If necessary, adjust the “Sensitivity” and “Frequency” sliders to fine-tune the effect.
8. Preview the clip to ensure that the noise reduction effect is applied correctly.
9. If you are satisfied with the result, export the video clip with the noise reduction effect applied.


Reducing noise in Adobe Premiere is a game-changer for any video editor. With just a few simple steps, you can transform a noisy and distracting clip into a polished and professional-looking masterpiece. Whether you’re dealing with background hum, hiss, or other unwanted sounds, Premiere’s noise reduction tools are incredibly effective at cleaning up your audio. With a little bit of tweaking, you can achieve a clean and crisp sound that will make your videos stand out from the crowd. So why settle for subpar audio when you can easily reduce noise in Adobe Premiere and take your videos to the next level?

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